We have Degree, Marriage and Birth Certificate Templates

We have Degree, Marriage and Birth Certificate Templates

This is a great website to make a joke document, and as long as you're just doing it as a JOKE you've come to the right place.

For just a couple of bucks you can get realistic looking joke certificate that you can print out on your printer.

You don't just get a blank document that you have to fill in by hand. All your details are printed in as if they had been typed onto the document.

You might like to perk up your family tree by aquiring some new celebrity parents.

Who wouldn't be impressed to learn that you are acutally the love child of <…. Insert your favorite Stars here ….>. One of our Joke Birth Certificates left casually lying around will do the trick.

The possibilities are endless. But if your creative nature is taking a holiday, we have plenty of suggestions.

Need to prove to the skeptics that you can move through Time at will? A copy of your own Death Certificate could help.

Your street cred cannot fail to be influenced by a certificate stating that you were once (briefly) married to Britney Spears … and you'll have the Wedding Certificate and Divorce Decree to prove it!

N.B. Our docs are NOT of any use for fraud or criminal deception!

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