Make your own Joke Birth Certificate

Make your own Joke Birth Certificate

Proud of your Parents? Maybe … but who doesn't feel a little embarrassed by their parent's lack of fame … you might prefer to be the love child of (say) Albert and Marilyn (that might explain your wild grey hair and ditzy personality) or Brad and Angelina (you're such a beauty). We have lined up some wonderful combinations of Parents, but you might have your own ideas.

Of course no one will ever believe you if you don't have a Birth Certificate to prove it.

And what could be a more useful reminder for someone who is always forgetting your Birthday?

Or what a clever way to suggest the actual parentage of a friend or colleague?

Simply answer a few easy questions and we will email you the Birth Certificate all ready to be printed.

You don't need to pay until the very last step, so feel free to have a go and see how it all works.

Click here to make a Joke Birth Certificate
N.B. Our docs are NOT of any use for fraud or criminal deception!

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