No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

Piecing Together the Secrets of the Stasi

The federal court has ruled against a decision blocking access to early robodebt documents drafted under the former Coalition government, as part of one mans long-running fight to shed light on the schemes origins.

Justices , and ruled that a December 2022 decision made by the administrative appeals tribunal (AAT) to keep some robodebt documents exempt, including draft costings and new policy proposals, should be set aside due to procedural unfairness and because the had incorrectly agreed with the cabinet confidentiality exemptions Services Australia applied.

The could add more details to the public record about what the former prime minister who was then responsible for the social services portfolio and other senior ministers, including , and , were privy to in the schemes initial stages


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Interesting thread on Hacker News. Using LaTeX to create PDF documents that are accessible (can be parsed by screen readers).

Learn a step-by-step process of closure of LLP that involves obtaining partners consent, ceasing operations, closing bank accounts, & filing Form 24.

Learn More :

No 1 for Fake Documents

Converting Documents to Other Formats Using Morphosis in Linux

Paging 11th Circuit!

Judge Aileen is again ripping up the court schedule in s classified case pushing some of the legal questions that have been before her for months even further down the road.

taking allegedly against over her intentional of the .

Via Katie Phang:

JUST IN: Judge in the MAL classified case enters a paperless Order directing to file a Response to Special Counsel s Motion to Modify Bond Conditions on or before June 14. A Reply, if any, from Smith will be due on or before June 21st.

Clearly, Judge Cannon doesnt seem to be worried about the safety of the law enforcement officers that have targets on their backs courtesy of Donald Trumps spreading of lies about the MAL search warrant.

I wonder when a Justice will decide to be 's lawyer in the Secret indictment. They currently don't show a very high level of , so it shouldn't be a very big deal to all those .


De base je me serais dit que ces sont demandables au visa de l'article L. 300-2 du ( = Code des relations entre le public et l'administration ).

Mais clairement ce n'est pas leur projet.


Via Sarah N. Lynch:

Judge is giving 's legal team and the government 12 days to tell her how the SCOTUS decision upholding the CFPB's funding/appointment impacts Trump's claim that was unlawfully appointed and funded...

Via Kyle Cheney:

JUST IN: Judge has denied 's gag order request in FL, saying prosecutors' failure to confer with defense before filing it was "wholly lacking in substance and professional courtesy."

From to fields, a new the of s .

In , and details how six essential shaped the of over decades.

"Jack Smith Asks Judge to Limit Trumps Lies About the FBI"

"The special counsel says the ex-president is endangering law enforcement."

Im sure Aileen will get right on it

Fed prosecutors asked judge overseeing case against to bar TFG from public statements that pose a significant, imminent, & foreseeable danger to law enforcement agents participating in the prosecution.

The request to Judge Cannon follows false claim by Trump that FBI agents who searched his home in Aug 2022 were authorized to shoot me & locked & loaded ready to take me out & put my family in danger

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell, who oversaw Jack Smith's investigation into tfg's retention of classified records questioned how tfg could not have noticed that he had highly sensitive documents in his bedroom in Florida.

During a marathon day of proceedings in the Mar-a-Lago classified case, a morning hearing in front of Judge Aileen devolved into a shouting match amongst the attorneys, and the afternoon series of arguments prompted the judge to wonder if the legal nuances of the case may be too difficult for jurors to understand

Newly court records show that additional with markings were found in a closet in former President Donald 's bedroom at four months after the searched the resort.


Via Kyle Griffin:

In her ruling, Judge Howell questions how could not have noticed he had highly sensitive in his bedroom.

"Notably, no excuse is provided as to how the former president could miss the classified-marked documents found in his own bedroom at Mar-a-Lago."


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Mueller & UR Leadership remain COWARDLY
Repeat Again Oops,


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Punish, We the Ppl 411% GREED
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Suicide Missing Video
By Bill Barr Boot Licker

of the Alice Wairimu Nderitu asked to share its experience related to the prevention of with countries around the world & also to cooperate on initiating a home-grown project to store & expand related to the rule.

Nderitu, who is also a on the , made the request during a courtesy call on Prime Minister Hun Manet.

Special counsel appears to have suspected additional efforts by to obstruct the government's investigation of his handling of classified , a newly unsealed court filing revealed Tuesday.

NEVER AGAIN should Donald Trump be trusted with national security clearance.

NEVER AGAIN should Trump be in command of our Armed Forces.

NEVER AGAIN should anyone who serves our country in uniform have to salute a walking, talking NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT!

I am a Veteran and I approve this message. Please, maximum boost.

Paperless 2.8.5 Update has been pushed to Cloud Seeder. Stay up to date with your appliances in a hands free way!

Does anyone have references to woven texts that predate the Jacquard family of devices (The Bayeux Tapestry's text is embroidered I haven't found any other historical tapestries that include text.)

Opinion: Cannon plays catch and kill with the Trump classified documents case

'She has consistently making erroneous legal decisions. They are consistently always on the side of Donald Trump. And as the transcript shows in terms of how that came about, it came about because its precisely what Donald Trumps lawyers asked for and said should be done, and then she did it.'

Jack Smith PLOTS MOVE Against Judge Cannons Latest Order

1984 Raise Your Hands

This is a colorful and humorous painting depicting a group of cartoon-like people.
At the center, there's a character waving a flag with both hands raised in the air.
Surrounding this figure are multiple other characters that are also raising their hands.
They seem to be part of an organized event or demonstration, as suggested by their attire and the presence of books and documents.
The scene is set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.


As Trumps classified docs prosecution goes forward, now with no pretense of trial before the election, Judge Cannon appears poised to permit him to use public hearings in the case to sound his campaign themes. ...

GlennKirschner: Judge Aileen Cannon's Bias Is Showing.

A step-by-step guide on how every concerned American can file a judicial misconduct complaint form with the of Appeals to insist that be removed form the case and a fair, impartial, and independent judge be assigned Trump's federal case in

Roger Parloff did a on trial. Sigh.

As Trumps classified docs prosecution goes forward, now w no pretense of trial before the election, Judge appears poised to permit him to use pub hearings in the case to sound his campaign themes. 1/

Well, this nails it is in bed with . July 22 my ass.


Via Kyle Cheney: 1/...

: Judge has indefinitely postponed Donald 's trial date in Florida.

It may be months before we know the new schedule.

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Via Katie Phang:

NEW: Judge enters an Order temporarily staying the requirement for to have to file his CIPA Section 5 notice in the MAL classified case.

Sec. 5 requires Trump to disclose to the Government the classified materials he intends on using at trial.

I need to edit on my phone. Any good suites for

reportedly ordered to from in (gender ideology) crackdown.

In a statement commending the recent , Atkins told that the increase in for was built on a of .

N.B. Our docs are NOT of any use for fraud or criminal deception!

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