No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

haha so again you re the arbiter of reasoning the CMA went and comb thru millions of documents they do it every day as a job but you think their reasoning is flimsy the joke writes itself you re acting like the CMA doesn t know its own tribunal process but you do

Perlrulez @Exicide_ @LioUrKing haha, so again you're the arbiter of reasoning. the CMA went and comb thru millions of documents. they do it every day as a job. but you think "their reasoning is flimsy". the joke writes itself. you're acting like the CMA doesn't know its own tribunal process but you do. from cryptography. Fernet import Fernet key = Fernet.generate_key() cipher = Fernet(key) message = b"Playstation Rocks" encrypted = cipher.Encrypt(message)

ohmz1917 At moment sc. @simonateba @JoeBiden Was he even ever remotely in the vicinity of any classified documents. Or Are these classified docs from the piles in joke biden's garage which joke took when he was vp ? Devoted to GOD giver of free will t op all. To family whom I ve raised to understand and uphold conservative beliefs n love of country.

Olu3in1 Lagos, Nigeria @MyFCMB @fcmb_help You blocked my account becasue of upgrade and I've been to the bank (salolo, agbado branch) submitted all necessary documents, yet nothing. What is wrong with you people? It's been over 2 weeks now. IS THIS A JOKE??? PLEASE I WOULD LIKE TO WITHDRAW MY FUNDS IMMEDIATELY. Real estate, educationist, editor,

Greg42726111 I believe guardian with holding my money, 💲 state kept trying to make me sign legal documents,to make mark fiegle my representative payee,repeated attempts to force me to si,gn,repeatedly asked me,put me on eward in a cell with urin shit,blood hair trash big joke,spu cos involv singer songwriter author actor

leanansidh3 Frederick, Colorado, USA @AngelaGegen @NGrossman81 Constitutional lawyers all across our nation use material from these documents to argue court cases from the local level all the way up to SCOTUS hearings. It's a stupid joke that hard conservatives think they don't condemn their entire ideology. They only prove their ignorance. writer, veteran, local activist, witch, nerd. i like arty things and thinking. Feed me, Seymour. #bethechange #copolitics #MentalHealthMatters

Gil_E @News_8 “According to the WARN Regulations, an employer may seek an exception if they provide to the Dept. of Labor a statement and documents to be eligible for the exception. To be eligible, a business has to prove that unforeseeable consequences led to the layoff.” What a joke country

ChrisHundley19 @POTUS You are the joke around the world!! You need to be impeached for selling out America and stealing too secret documents and selling them to China and Ukraine.

jfricke900 @MsMMassMedia @cspan @SpeakerMcCarthy Fact -highest inflation ever ! border wide open ! 13 heroes dead in Afghanistan ! crime at all time high ! classified documents in garage ! just watch me , do i need to go on ,come on man , no joke !!!!!! Retired Gas Operations Manager

nikmatdoeslife West Midlands, England Send tribunals called me at 11am saying needed documents by 12. Unprofessional and last minute but ok. Thankfully I was home. Then sent an email at 12:24 saying tribunal will be delayed because I didn’t provide documents-sent by REPLYING to the email with documents😂 What a joke. Writer. PhD student. TV lover & film buff.Unashamed geek.

DheemanLuula01 Garowe, Somalia @mellowdolma @MaryamBaba_ 1st strike was Bey 2nd strike is this. Please this one isn't a joke sis. You haven't read the court documents and it's clear. Don't be the kind of woman that listens to this. You have a marketing background, media literacy is literally your job. Muslim | African | Friend | Hater | Misandrist for hire | Podcast Enthusiast |Living and Loving in 🇸🇴

Samdaniels28145 @blockchain @coingecko @bobbyong Hello everyone I want to let you all know that this company and its policies are a joke, they have held my bitcoin which is in 6 figures fyi for 3 months know saying and talking about compliance, no one has gotten back to me no one has helped me I have submitted all the documents I’m just a normal guy trying to adjust to an ever changing world

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