No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

Well I don t like you THEY FOUND TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS NUCLEAR SECRETS LISTS OF AGENTS AND THEY DID NOTHING TF are you talking about He should have been in custody THAT NIGHT You or I would have The is a joke or complicit in treason

TitusNation Well, I don’t like you. THEY FOUND TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS , NUCLEAR SECRETS, LISTS OF AGENTS, AND THEY DID NOTHING. TF are you talking about? He should have been in custody THAT NIGHT! You or I would have. The @DOJCrimDiv is a joke, or complicit in treason Comedian, fair & brutal, self-aware & oblivious, pragmatically delusional. Independent & codependent. Scream Sanity louder than they scream Insanity.

__Trail3 London | Islamabad @Coffeekacup It wasn't a joke anyway. I told you insider info from classified diplomatic documents. Whatever

El_Duderino_788 Nottingham, England @DanC1arke @toadmeister 2/2 You quoted a single sentence from a detailed 9 page documents as if that single sentence demonstrated the work was nonsense. They used fieldwork data sampling and Sophisticated extrapolations to come up with their extrap. no’s. Your one sentence “peer review” is a total joke. I’m tall

CatVSHumanity Canada @IuliiaMendel "Some of the priests presented passports and military cards of the USSR." is this some kind of a joke? Are you not aware the Ukraine was part of USSR?! Do you normally throw away documents? Are you cognitively challenged? Humans are like a box of chocolates… to which I am allergic.

el_rump @anton_brakhage @criminalplaza The propaganda that made Trump President was literally Hillary Clinton and the DNC, they documents were literally leaked, they thought he was a joke (and he bloody well should be one) so they painted him as their biggest threat to try to make people waste their votes on him. I'm just here to hold your hand when you die.

MangoMan1888 Mumbai,India #CITIBANK #citi Disgraceful experience!! Unable to use my card due to KYC not been updated.have given all the documents and that tat to action is 7 days. Is this a joke?? What would a person do in emergency?? Wait for 7 days. Spoke to #Aditi extremly Unhelpful

OAkuruyejo Akure, Nigeria Dear @joinkuda I do not understand why a lien was placed on my account since yesterday. My account is normal and upgraded and not even a new one, I have sent documents for KYC again on your request, what's this joke you are playing? @cenbank please intervene Online entrepreneur¶Marketing Expert¶raising wealth creators¶ connect with me:
Miley_fluff Germany @DavidPraDino And as anyone who has read the court documents knows, the allegations and the family were a joke.

yoddy0 The Internet @TobiasFancee @bisoncoin_io A gentlemens agreement in business such as this is a joke. Charles even made a video after the sundaeswap and cardstarter debacle. You’d think people would’ve learned you have to have official documents and agreements in business. Welcome to my page. Stay as long as you want but don't peep the pfp to long or he might bite. $ADA $VET $ERG $BTC

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