No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

So what At least they were secure and Trump like other presidents has documents that others say they shouldn t have Joke Biden had them in multiple unsecured locations Biden is far worse

TimHerron2 @JustScottNJ @redsteeze So what. At least they were secure and Trump like other presidents has documents that others say they shouldn't have. Joke Biden had them in multiple unsecured locations. Biden is far worse.

LCStephenL Duncan, British Columbia @AMacGregor4CML @PierrePoilievre How about you guys worry about the CSIS documents and the Chinese and liberal coverup of a stolen election? Which is more important? Canadian security by far. What a joke NDP propping up liberals and ignoring the elephant in the room. How pathetic is that. You should be ashamed. just a guy with one person's opinion. if you have nothing to say you will never be heard.

Roadrunner_Love New Mexico @Dezaxe Sounds like more documents but not the actual launch. Soon. Maybe in May as he played as a joke and we get all the docs till then. Web 3.0 ~ 🏳️‍🌈 ~ Animal & Outdoor Lover ~ Nature Photographer ~ interactive design ~ SHIBA 💘

Bimbola25 Lagos, Nigeria Is this a joke? Corper!!! Are you kidding me? Me, that I was still at the collation center/INEC office well past 12 midnight because I must submit my documents. What sort of rubbish are they saying? Except they were running for their lives, this excuse is not acceptable. Pharmacist | Nigerian YouTuber | Future world leading Pancreatic cancer researcher | Family history: Pancreatic Cancer #Pharmacistextraordinaire

Dictator_Walz Biden is a joke former Minnesota and now in freedom loving South Dakota! - 🇺🇸 Save America #trump2024 not affiliated with Tim Walz.

Jbland123 @tedcruz Joe Biden has to be the biggest joke to American history.. You would want your leader in this situation to say yes, we didn’t go through our boxes well and we missed documents, irresponsible on our part, but we get this and they expect us to believe these evil ppl aren’t lying..

Olusola_aa @chilling_44676 @StFreakingKezy Yes you are right. It has always been the plan and most of the landlords that will be affected in amikanle/joke ayo are aware. I only hope they will be duly compensated without looking at if they have complete land documents or not Doing great things from a small place || Aspiring sportpreneur || GOD4B3G || REAL MADRID 100% (92:48)

AlMancini9 @RNCResearch Biden is running our country and he can’t even take care of confidential documents in his own house. Maybe Hunter just tossed them into the garage after his trip to China. What a joke. Nobody sees this or the Biden crime family is untouchable

roaming_free_ The US mocks the UK, too. @marneybrian1 @MackozGrochowa @AngelineBrune10 @JessBrucks @CTVNews You also thought the Founding Act in some way negated NATO's promise to not expand eastward, that Russia invaded Ukraine based on a false-flag op, and that the Astana Declaration was about healthcare. I mean... you're a joke. 🤡 The US attacked Germany, its economy, its people... and Germany rolls over while grinning like a fool. NATO countries are cringy vassals, and the world notices.

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