No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

Lol What a joke They didn t steal highly classified top secret documents then tell aids to hide them trump did Grow a spine Ted

Paul_c1 @tedcruz Lol. What a joke. They didn’t steal highly classified top secret documents, then tell aids to hide them, trump did. Grow a spine Ted.

psychomoder UK / 23 / she/it getting documents signed by professionals is so annoying i cant believe my doctor actually charges me $40 just for them to write down like 5 mins worth of writing its a joke a girl who is unable to describe herself

firewater79 @617_redhead @KotaroHotTakes @TerryMoran CNN is a joke and that is bs …. The doors would have at least been locked and there would always be security because of items and documents of security level that could be stored in the home.

PakistanLovesIK @_Ujii_ @capri_corn__ @uniqueegirlk @3rd @Mudsr_Ch @shahzeb___ @CiviIianMaFiA @FazalSamtiah I am married. If you are taking it in joke, I'll show you my official documents πŸ˜‚ Bestie @Ziyaangel19 ❀️β™₯οΈπŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’ž

gmbelaine United Kingdom Once is a mistake... maybe but six times is this a joke? #NeverTrustATory GMB Midlands Regional Organiser. Some views are my own. Absolutely hate the Tories United We Bargain Divided We Beg #LFCFan #DontBuyTheScum #HillsboroughLawNow

megbasham @PastorBenMarsh @merelyjwright @RodDMartin Rod making a joke about a national news story is completely different than a chaplain spending some significant times making memes and creating mock documents about a specific private individual he happens to know and not like. Can you really not see that? Author, Claremont Fellow, culture reporter @realDailyWire/Morning Wire podcast. Other words: @wsj, @nro, @wngdotorg. Unabashed church lady. Aspiring matriarch.

letstalkshoes22 @GOPChairwoman You know what democrats didn't do? Lie about a stolen election, storm the nations Capitol, commit treason, steal classified documents and make 243 years of democracy a joke What's to know? I'm a woman. I LOVE SHOES. Share your thoughts on shoes. resistor Blue through and through #StandWithUkraine

EastLondonEagle East London #SuellaBraverman admits that she was on government business so why didn't she have her Government mobile phone? The @cabinetofficeuk secretary is now even more of a joke saying that she can use her personal phone to read government documents while using her Gov't phone. Ludicrous β€œThe Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.”― Carl Sagan, Cosmos. Born Sydenham, South London - CPFC.

taperoo2k Oxford No government documents should be sent via personal email addresses if they contain sensitive information or not. National security is a joke to the Tories it seems. Kevin is a 40-something, Oxford-based photog who dabbles in photography. Fights Bipolar Disorder. Recently received an adult Autism diagnosis. discount