No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

Democrats are pretty quiet about Vice President joke biden stealing classified documents from the White House Send the SWAT team and Jack Smith

RealSaltySlim New Orleans, LA Democrats are pretty quiet about Vice President joke biden stealing classified documents from the White House. Send the SWAT team and Jack Smith! Here for the laughs - Salty Army #LSU #Saints - #OilandGas 🇺🇸 - I stand with money laundering 🇺🇦

RaffyPindaHouse Las Cruces, NM @CollinRugg @Breaking911 She’s a “doctor” whose Ph.D thesis contained over 300 typos that MS Word’s spell check could have found. And it came from University of Delaware while her husband was in the Senate… What a joke. Technology and Banking executive and problem solver who believes in principles, God and family… Oh, and I’m a Gay… Columbia NY Grad

galencwatson Sierra Nevada's @talven01 @CocoMilani777 @_Lets_Be_Frank @NEWSMAX Are you ignorant of the story, or just trying to make a lame joke? Biden didn't possess anything! The docs were located at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C. Educate yourself before you make ignorant comments. Author, blogger

Aggfan89 @Donkeyslayer5 @JonathanTurley VP can’t declassify documents!!!! Keep spinning your excuses!!!! Your hypocrisy and double standards are a joke, no one knows how many documents there were!!! Bidens were in an unsecured closet!!

1040joyce @RichardGrenell @Phil_Mattingly @Penn Thanks for tweeting about this. The joke of a response @CNN @MSNBC have made it was only a small amount of documents. It is wrong regardless of the quantity Political News US & World News Entertainment TV Shows

dellyranksindia New Delhi, India Kajol Documents Her 'Versions of Laughter' In Video, Says 'Sometimes Joke's On Me'; Netizens Are All Hearts #Bollywood #kajol #Laughter DellyRanks is the fastest growing news website in India. DellyRanks provide daily national, international, Movies, Lifestyle, Career, Astrology and more

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MWG176 @ericswalwell Misplaced documents? What a are the epitomy of the swamp and should not be in Congress

CrockerBoy Missouri, USA @FoxNews They weren't 'raided' because Biden's team did not hide the documents, nor did they refuse to return them. Biden's team contacted The National Archives and self-reported the discovery of the documents. #KevinMcCarthy is a joke. Living a Blue Life in a Red State. Never trust a Preacher who tells you how to vote or a Politician who tells you how to pray.

rockylacybo @BillKristol Concealed documents 🤡🎪🤡 What a joke!

BeingtheThe @mmpadellan Immediately? 6 years unsecured is far from immediate. Documents were about Iran and Ukraine, yet your president doesn't know what the content was lol. What a joke of a person you support.

Shtr4u Whoever trusted Biden with top secret documents is the person to be held accountable. No joke.

Cecil92744642 Sean Hannity investigates classified docs found at Penn Biden Center Joke of the month. Sean, did Biden refuse to return the documents? Did Biden's lawyers lie?

mark_soldo @TomFitton @nypost Trump had the power to declassify documents. Biden didn’t. So, WTF is really going on here. What a joke!! Astoria NY. 🇺🇸💪👍🇺🇸MAGA.let’s just all be happy.

alexxslay >for everyone >To subscribe, investors need to pass KYC and AML screening, sign subscription documents, and then fund their investments with stablecoins or USD what a joke everything said here is satire or parody. wagmi!

Steve_Wagoner Reno Nevada @MSNBC Presidents can declassify documents. Vice Presidents can not. You call yourselves journalists? What a joke of a people and network. 3 Keys To Success: Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.

palpablealmond Madison WI @MattWalshBlog Took them? Every President drowns in them. Every single one of them ends up holding classified documents. So convenient the timing of this all. What a joke. This admin is about to crash and burn utilizing the fuel they brought to the party. Idiots on all sides. ;)

tonibaloney619 @ClownWorld_ when you have dementia, everything is a surprise. you could tell him the same joke every day and he’d laugh like it was the first time he’d heard it. easily entertained. doesn’t take away the fact that he had documents he had no business of having & his attorneys found them?

The_Gay_Patriot @CNN You’re a joke network. The Vice President can’t declassify. The president can. So he didn’t have any classified documents. You should be ashamed for carrying water for the democrats. You lefty network scum. Just a conservative MAGA gay guy looking to discuss, opine and react to this clown world we find ourselves in. Happily taken. Pronouns are Clown/World

rydethabo Johannesburg, South Africa @David_S_Tembe Please sort out illegal foreigners occupying our jobs with valid documents, let the return to their origin homes.. City of joburg is a joke @Lesufi Property Management Graduate 👨‍🎓,Instagram @ryder_thabo,Forever Young, Founder @apara_kidz I est.2021

casher1965 @CNNPolitics Hey CNN...I don't care how many Classified documents BJ has. It's still documents he should not have. Stop trying to justify it. Your damn network is a joke!

Meidas_LaurenA Studio City, California @RichardGrenell @Penn You are a complete joke! Trump stole thousands of government documents with over a hundred of them top secret. He lied and said he didn't have any documents for over a year. He was caught with documents in unlocked locations. Top secret documents in his desk drawer. So shut up! News junkie| Love horror 😈| Democrat & Proud American | Uphold democracy eliminate Trumpism #TheResistance Ⓜ️Ⓜ️MeidasMightyOG
3papa722 @joncoopertweets Where’s the outrage for biden’s classified documents? 🤡😂 such a joke lol


CornCorn200 Oregon @KATUNews While Joe Biden hidden classified documents. You a joke deep bought 2 MAGA all the way. USMC Veteran and a proud CHRISTIAN

Touchofnu United States @DanCrenshawTX What a joke that’s like comparing pigs & dogs In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM close to twice impeached former potus situation It’s completely laughable at the crickets we’ve heard on the Right of DT fiasco involving 200+ documents to 10 He gave them back He didn’t try to hide them & lie I’m committed to making you a better you inside & out Check out all of the amazing things waiting for you on my site Please DM me w/ any? NO personal DMs please

garner_fretz @RDEliason The whole US system of managing, tracking and securing classified information is a joke. Certainly at the level of the President down. Down to the little folk who have to leave their first born as security...because they might mishandle documents.

BigHarryBallzak @SimonL1973 @charliekirk11 @RepMattGaetz Tell me more about your relationship with Xanax Cooladas… J6 was a joke. Well, at least Joe wasn’t in possession of classified documents right?

elrelampago The Internets @pmyer8 @gerrymartinez @VoteBlueHarder @zerohedge Better Healthcare & Education than who? Is this a joke or are you seriously that fucking stupid? Look at the account he mentioned above on Instagram, it documents Cubans lives in Cuba, right now. Idiot.

Katie26585900 Jamestown, NY Biden had zero clearance, authority or ownership of those highly classified documents! Stolen!!! Same game as Hillary! Their trying to hide their crimes, while committing yet another crime that won’t even be investigated! Our judicial system is a joke! I’m a momma bear with 4 cubs and their life is most important! Business owner and freedom fighter

TheEnli72119052 Cary NC Biden's stashed classified documents could end the case against Trump and what a Big Fucken Joke and a waste of opportunity time money and human resources that were not dedicated to real tangible issues -CSN via @GoogleNews CSN Media offers a FREE ALTERNATIVE to Paid Cable TV with Hours of Breaking News & Other Events both Worldwide & Locally plus Educational Videos & Health Tips

Sunnygrandma4 @EliseStefanik Your a JOKE you really think we're Stupid don't you, well we can sure see how STUPID you are. This BS isn't flying we know the difference between Biden's documents and the ones Trump STOLE and has demanded that he have them returned to him!! Blessed to be a Mother and Grandmother

TIMCumm88602720 @MaxTheMentalHe1 @FoxNews A voice crying, what a joke. They didn't find anything in the Mar-A-Lago documents. They didn't find anything in his income tax. They were hoping they would find something but it wasn't there in either case. You just keep believing the lie stay brainwashed Disabled Vet, Bachelors Degree in Economics MCL, Bible researcher, not a Christian at all, Student of World History

N.B. Our docs are NOT of any use for fraud or criminal deception!

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