No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

Algerians Somalians Georgians Moldovans no documents at all all destroyed coming into Irish airports and ferry ports What a joke of a so-called country

beggs_noel Adelaide, South Australia @daffodildayz Algerians Somalians Georgians Moldovans no documents at all, all destroyed coming into Irish airports and ferry ports. What a joke of a so-called country.

SPankhil Is this some kind of joke that a common man has to run in circles to get own document for which i paid the fee and on top of it the officers are rude enough to make us realize that its our fault to have single name on our documents.

SandyDa32973248 @DennyAl82299796 @RNCResearch @POTUS Maybe you should stand FOR him cause the turnip has dementia and can hardly climb stairs 😁. Poor thing, he is a joke to the world!! What happened to all the stolen documents starting when he was a senator?

MardukofNexus Florida, USA @ThudPlane @GeneralLiberal @RonFilipkowski Is a sworn deposition a joke? Especially when it's Rupert Murdoch, the owner of FOX News? He literally said that all, not some, ALL of his host lied on the air to aid Trump's campaign. It's in the court documents. The stenographer typed it out. People heard it, with their EARS. Gaming since the 80's. Military Veteran and Smash fanatic/amateur competitor.

Doctor_Udall @philly_nj @TuckerCarlson You are a traitor. She was a Veteran. She was unarmed. She was murdered. For nothing. Pelosi's big joke on Trump went sour or haven't you seen the documents that Tucker got?

VivaRunor @tpcast @markessien You're wasting your time. Transcribed shits. Converting scanned documents tabulated using OCR 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Una sabi joke well well As above, so below | Retweet is NOT endorsement. | off Twitter 2014 to 2022

AlExtraBM Johannesburg @eagleslaughtoo @SunflowerSrina Which is world history, the Portuguese documents or van riebeck documents? And the joke is, u got caught lying now u'r throwing ur toys around🤣🤣🤣🤣 Entrepreneur. Software fanatic. Traveller. Deist. _Other races think Africans are inferior because we always turn the other cheek_ 🕯️MADE IN AFRICA! 🌍

Iamlithow Moving @TheRealKeean Well well well another joke on us moment and those documents were hoping to see what good are they . Before you get to vote again and the United party knows this Canada will be post nation state a district of the WEF China on the belt road. I want you to be happy I want you to succeed because it's better for everyone no dm thanks.

sanrnsam7 Bengaluru , India @bigchethan @nanuramu Auto drivers follow rules? Lol like what, traffic rules, public service rules? 😹 Joke! Whether Rapido bike user had authentic documents or not is only possible to be escalated, Auto driver has no authority to manhandle, heckle or vandalize an individual for that. ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ/ Techie/ Activism/ Egalitarian/Humanitarianism/ Sports Freak/ Centre-left Politics/ Movies/ Linguistics/ Science/ Nature/ Microblogger

Sweet_Baby_Jays Canada @Helexzura I always joke at work that the paper shredder is the fax machine. "Just going to go send these original documents to accounting..." Follow this, husband, Dad, Engineer by day, Streamer, Gamer, Wannabe techtuber by night. I like tech, I like jokes, I like games, I like people.

fsd_muskoka Muskoka Lakes, Ontario @FINRA Regulatory? @FINRA you joking ? You allowed MMTLP to be traded when it was delisted , you allowed false documents and signatures , so Ari and the dirty boys could continue the fraud. Your organization U3 halted #MMTLP and still hide from Congress , LOL JOKE. metamaterialsnanotech

TheAlanColeShow London, England Whatever you do, never transfer your pensions to @pensionbee to move them out again, you need to buy a printer, manually sign documents and scan or send them back. This is an APP, that requires physical intervention, no person under 25 has. An absolute joke. Wanna be comedian. Failed poker pro. Recovering YouTuber. ♥️ Tech, Data, F1, Racing, Comedy, Politics & Quizzing. Law Student. Views my own. 🏳️‍🌈 (he/him)

NateMonroeTU Jacksonville @jabberwock1117 well, whether it was an intentional joke I expect is something the DIA will have its story straight on by Friday, but its existence in the packet of documents most certainly was not! Florida Times-Union metro columnist (@jaxdotcom) in a city of misrule. "The Syndicate" = Jacksonville donor class. Son of a Cajun. LSU.

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