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No 1 for Fake Documents

Albanese says he has never seen corruption in the Parliament What a joke our politicians are Then they wonder why they have zero credibility with the public and no respect

Julieoz836 Australia Albanese says he has never seen corruption in the Parliament. What a joke our politicians are. Then they wonder why they have zero credibility with the public and no respect. Social democrat, wants to see a progressive innovative Australia and action on global warming

kirasroth Somewhere only we know My fellow white women: This is not a joke. This isn't cute. This isn't funny. People are literally dying in ICE and CBP custody. You are LITERALLY putting their lives at risk. There are only 2 documents that conclusively prove US citizenship, and most of us don't carry either. Twitch streamer aka A(Romantic) Ace. Queer folks deserve happy endings, too. Ace and aro. She/her.

puttickj Jacksonsville Facebook is asking for documents to confirm my identity because I made my name β€œjoke” instead of β€œJake”. The fuck? Chill out πŸš΄πŸ»πŸ’¨. I like to think this emoji combo is a man farting while riding his bike.

pompido042 @Jeriniesta @Raiyban10 @D_browwn @Takers2019 @Alex_Houseof308 @MalikGCFR @SMiTHiE________ @Abdool_kadiir @_harrisonJNR @Magni5scent @Headking_ I can kuku send you the documents for my houses, cars and everything I have but you see carbohydrates? I don't joke with it πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I follow backπŸ’–

Nancynofriends @HealTheWorldpls @Valhall32843068 @dash4442 @lola7oo @Nessie43 @PBillinK @HollyGLly @amara__df @Jubisay6 @jofraz80 @alphafemale777 @PoetCalloway @Faux_Dan_ @Asynja_Gem @LisaRRoberts @locket1_lucy @MyCatInBlack @max_one_77 @CriCri51391727 @rhubarb_rules @betsywrene @RobinTetley @chrissybug5000 @ncanarchist @Eddie_Drood @envypost @danreed100 @AmosPictures1 @CandyPinNow @oppermanreport @DiDimond @JaimieD12 @Nina82997364 @jnon_fan @AmeetaTweet @SweetGeekling @betrayed_bitch @TCU_GOFROGS @SOS12017 @ddssy @elguapobandz @ExposingJacko @evelyne1370 @jacarpb @0pinion8d @PookySoupy @glowtree3 @HSSfanME @hellshousewife @Mjisguilty you have not read the legal documents ???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚and you defend your idol without research? you are a joke
MonicaM822 Arvada, CO While our fine officers are working tirelessly to ensure communities are safe, there are other officers taking their job as a joke. Today very early in the morning I got pullover by one officer. Had already an attitude from the get go. I was cooperative, gave him my documents, he Mother, friend, loving, scholar, great listener, ok stop about me.... how are you?

TrumpGirly Alabama, USA @robreiner did you go to Epstein Island? well the documents will be coming out soon. You people are killing babies after they are born and you think that is ok. What a joke you are Where we go one We go all πŸΆπŸ¦‹

ThankfulAmeric2 @courageouskriss I will never understand why it takes them years to β€œproduce” documents. We are a joke. Moved to speak out on behalf of my Country and my President. Sickened by what has happened-what we ALL know has happened. Hopeful for the first time in my life.