No 1 for Fake Documents

No 1 for Fake Documents

4 Since his 2024 campaign is imaginary he could have announced it six months ago Or the day after the Feds seized stolen classified documents from his home But he kept waiting and waiting like he always tepidly does And now his fake campaign will be widely seen as a joke

PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA 4) Since his 2024 campaign is imaginary, he could have announced it six months ago. Or the day after the Feds seized stolen classified documents from his home. But he kept waiting, and waiting, like he always tepidly does. And now his fake campaign will be widely seen as a joke. Political analysis ahead of the curve.

MrKline79 @TheRickWilson Is this a physics joke? Maybe it picked up something from the top secret documents he had. Unofficial Apparently❎️ An educator and fan of Duke Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Commanders. Opinions are my own. New maybe not improved 🤷‍♂️

psavansun Hyderabad, India @PuttaVishnuVR @narendramodi @KTRTRS @TelanganaCMO @MPsantoshtrs @trsharish @RaoKavitha @KonathamDileep @BTR_KTR @DrRanjithReddy @prakashraaj @sravandasoju I pay my taxes and I have property documents but still KCR says land belongs to Govt, hence no road no drainage connection. Biggest joke is GHMC collects tax shamelessly. Always hunting to know more about things happening modern life...

rinasannie she24her rus/eng in my country we have patronymic which is used for official documents and when addressing with respect, my friends often address me using name and patronymic as a joke 🙄 fan account for khun jakapan and girls

Kaifnaqvi02 INDIA @SRKBMD @hackerofiran1 well you joke well..🥱 👉son of the blind, look proper •Your father's black scandal with Saudi Jews is clearly visible in the documents. •Recordings were also present and so many documents! •Iran knows very well a devil like you so he speaks with full evidence.🇮🇷😎🇮🇷#khamenei I love Iran, Iran supreme leader Sayed Ali khamenei ,❤🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️ #iloveiran #isupporthijab #sayedalikhamenei

AndreaB1111369 Ontario, CA @BettyDavisEyess @MaddyLove2018 @DeVerdadera1 @alexmeshkin The 4.6+ million adverse events listed on sure aren’t a joke. Neither are the post marketing adverse events in Pfizer’s documents; page 16, section 5.3.6, page 30-39. 9 pages of reality for you. Enjoy. 🇨🇦 🇸🇰 Fighting tyranny, one day at a time. Truth shall prevail #TrudeauMustGo #FreelandMustGo

BlockersJ @guardiannews Will he never be held to account? What a joke the legal system in the US is. And what about the classified documents he was holding in Mar a Lago? Is he going to get away with that too? English teacher

CarlNicholls6 @lylejjohnson @TraceyJeanette1 @JamieSale What's this got to do with the Pfizer documents? World leaders? LOL. Pfizer did not claim anything about transmission. You just weren't paying attention at the time and are only now outraged about it. What a joke.

masca_francesca @PlaceboPearl It's an italian joke, related to politics. Because of the language that doesn't have neutral people were thinking to put 'genitore 1 genitore 2 (parent 1 and 2)' instead of "mother and father" into documents (for LGBT+ families). But a lot of conservatives are against it Italian demisexual, daydreamer | Placebo, Aurora, Caparezza | Into middleage, art, drag queens and writing | Masca is a piedmontese witch

finestsnow1 Беларусь @Tinder HI, my account is frozen due to the report of my friend. It was just a joke from her, I can provide you all necessary documents that I'm not 12 years old

shemkalegal Lansing, Michigan Michigan’s Chief Justice—in a solo dissent— has some thoughts about parental rights and state responsibilities before any parental rights termination. No joke, there is a bit of 🚒 And we are better because of it. If it's not accessible for all and designed for informed action, does it matter? Courts, writing, and rules. (I’ve been hacked if my Tweet’s missing a typo.)

crytograph @VitalikButerin @cz_binance 0x051e0617df175AA4ab6CeA2E0eBEa9A6754290df in case u think about this as i lost 31 bnb , i do have all the documents to support my claim. really heartbroken! i know for millioners or billionaire this always seems a joke but u can't never imagine the pain an ordinary person feels. crypto is art

Brookjolley Cookeville, TN @KDCodyTN @JoshEakle @bgmasters One of the two of us can keep up with their documents. I'm the guy Faison admitted stealing his joke, but claimed he stole it from his own wife after she told it to him. It's cool that his wife is such a fan. Comedian, all likes and retweets are considered endorsements. Royalties (or tips) can be sent via
SlimRoy1955 @concetta8631 Lol, funny. I'll put my patriotism up against yours any time. How is trying to invalidate the votes of millions of Americans "loving America"? How about overcharging your own Secret Service detail, which protects you? Stealing documents from the National Archives? MAGA is a joke. Old, white guy. Ex-Repub, I'm feeling much better now. All anti-Trump, anti-Q-Anon followers welcome. I follow back. NO DM's!

cpino1313 @NLagueux @catch1ngf1re @PapiTrumpo Then Obama and Clinton, etc., should do the same. Or we have double standards? Hunter Biden’s laptop and nothing happened. Hillary Clinton and her emails and nothing happens. The FBI didn’t go to her house to cease documents.. So that just applies to Trump? You guys are a Joke.

vexthias Kentucky, USA @stillgray @elonmusk Yeah but lets not talk about scotus leaker, or epstein documents lol this establishment is a joke. space cat spreading the chaos. dont align with any political party they are all corrupt.

vexthias Kentucky, USA @DanaMcspadden Same reason scotus leaker is still unknown. Epstein documents still not revealed. Its a complete joke space cat spreading the chaos. dont align with any political party they are all corrupt.

VivisectorGmng Western Washington @JennyifewPwime Damn why am I not scanning documents I'm a joke to my gender Videogames | Art | Incessant Rambling | 27 | Trans She/Her | I make jokes that aren't funny please don't follow me unless you're at least 18

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